A Leap Of Faith "A gem in a jewel box .” – Philip Elwood, San Francisco Chronicle
1. The Jitterbug Waltz   10. Tulip or Turnip 

leap of faith
photo by Russ Fischella

  2. I've Got a Felling I'm Falling    11. It's a Pity to Say Goodnight/hit        the Road to Dreamland 
  3. 'tis Autumn    12. Something Cool 
  4. Eagle and Me    13. As Long As I Live 
  5. Nice 'n Easy    14. It Might As Well Be Spring 
  6. He Ain't Got Rhythm  15. I Got Rhythm 
  7. If I Could Be With You    16. You Better Go Now 
8. Comes Love    17. Nobody Else but Me 
9. Spring Will Be a Little Late
    This Year 
18. What a Little Moonlight Can Do 
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Havin' Myself A Time! "Impeccable elegantly smooth jazz-influenced vocal artistry Roy Sander, NY Backstage
  1. Havin' Myself a Time   10. Queen of Denial havin my self a time
photo by Russ Fischella
  2. The Eagle and Me   11. Fascinatin' Rhythm
  3. Lover Man   12. Too Old To Die Young
  4. What Is a Lady Like Me   13. Children Will Listen
  5. I'm Always Drunk in
    San Francisco
14. Here's To Life
  6. I Wonder What Became of         Me   15. Hooray For Love 
  7.Where Were You? 16. New Age/Old Age Blues 
      17. Jitterbug Waltz

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